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About the project

On The Way North is an upcoming short film which looks into the worst of human nature and the inequities of wicked men. 

OTWN is a dark look into the motivations of evil men. Jimmy "Wailin'" Wales feels like a new man and has no concerns over what happens next. Frank "Bronco" Bronkowski comes from the Roosevelt tradition of speaking softly while carrying a big stick, or squeegee, as the case may be.  Together they terrorize, and act as their skewed morality dictates, making victims of circumstance from all whom cross their path.

What is the level of self awareness of sociopaths? Where is the justification for violent acts? Does one who commits heinous crimes believe themselves heinous?

The film was shot on location at the DeerView Deli in the Hudson Valley of New York.  The close knit cast and crew braved two overnight shoots in freezing temperatures to come together to deliver their great contributions to the film. We are extremely proud of the work everyone put in to achieve this project. 



We are thrilled to announce the completion of post production of "On The Way North." The film is currently in the film festival submission process and we will post updates of any and all activity.  

Here are some stills from the completed film, trailer coming soon.



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Director's Statement

To paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, there things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns… But there are also unknown unknowns.

“On The Way North” is a film that explores the things that we don’t know we don’t know. I was drawn to write this film because I am fascinated by the unanswerable questions in life. Such as the motivation and reasoning behind heinous violence and wicked acts.  As a filmmaker I also like to explore the human reaction to said violence, misogyny, and criminal behavior.  This film is an attempt to make a slick entertaining cinematic product with something more going on under the surface. 

This film was an extremely satisfying experience for me personally as the team we were able to assemble was mostly a group of people with longtime working and personal relationships. I called upon many people I have known for over a decade, since film school as well as colleagues I met in various jobs in the New York film industry. I believe we brought together an extremely talented group of professionals most of whom working for much less than their normal rate. I feel those connections and  positive atmosphere on set show in the product on screen. I am extremely proud to have worked with this crew. 

Over my life I have connected most with the films and art that can simultaneously entertain and also provoke thought and conversation. “On The Way North” is in many ways a throw to the films and directors I loved as a kid. Joel and Ethan Coen, David Lynch, and Quentin Tarantino were heavily influential on me as a young man, and this film is a reflection of that. 

I learned many things on this film that I will take with me on the next project. Two stick out for me.  Hiring and bringing aboard the right people makes all the difference and never being satisfied can and should be used as a positive. 



We couldn't be happier with the performances by our actors and were inspired at how they brought it every take in challenging conditions.  We are forever great full for the job they all did.

Sebastian Beacon as Jimmy "Wailin'" Wales   

Sebastian Beacon as Jimmy "Wailin'" Wales


Brian Anthony Wilson as Frank "Bronco" Bronkowski   

Brian Anthony Wilson as Frank "Bronco" Bronkowski


Sarah Keyes as Steph the clerk   

Sarah Keyes as Steph the clerk


And Geoffrey Cantor as The Bearded Man   

And Geoffrey Cantor as The Bearded Man


Who We Are

This project is being executed by a group of talented professionals, many of which have known each other for over a decade. Our crew has done excellent work on everything from feature films, television, large scale commercials, music videos and more. Most of the crew are people in it out of faith in the concept and an appreciation of working with a close knit group. We are confident this passion and mix will produce a great film.

Some of the bosses involved:








UniT Production Manager



This may be stating the obvious, but guys, film are expensive.

This is where we need your help.

Any and all contributions will be met with great gratitude and put to good use to service this film.




All donors will receive a digital download of the completed film.

Donors of $15 or more will receive an official 11" x 17" movie poster.

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